What is Biodanza?


“Biodanza is more than just expressive guided movement or a creative exercise! It addresses the totality of the human being. It doesn’t separate people into fragments. Biodanza has many therapeutic effects, but these are not the goal “- Rolando Toro, the founder of Biodanza.

The goal is the evolution of humanity! And in Biodanza this happens because we focus on creating conditions of care and love. 

In summary, Biodanza is a  combination of music, fun and expressive guided movement. As well as an integrated co-operation of body, mind and heart. Biodanza also fulfils our innate need as human beings to feel joy, be creative and experience connection and belonging. 

When we dance and move to music, it allows us to communicate with others without needing words. Meaning we are more able to relate in an expressive way that is free of bias, judgement and expectation. Thus, in this space we dance our own lives. And we bring music, rhythm, harmony, emotion and healing into our communities and personal lived experience.

Biodanza means “The Dance of Life”. Attending Biodanza can promote self-awareness, restore health and vitality. It can also reconnect you to a purpose, and help to realize the full capacity of human potential. Biodanza also has the capacity to connect us with community and increases our awareness of others and the environment. 

To conclude, the depth, richness and possibilities of Biodanza and its benefits for you are best understood through experience. You can only discover your potential by participating in it. Moreover, it is not a process that can be fully understood via the intellect. Rather, it must be felt in the body.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of regular expressive guided movement of Biodanza are numerous!

Some of the benefits of Biodanza include rediscovering the joy of being alive and a zest for life, to proven health & psychological benefits, and an experience of connection to nature and the cosmos.

Biodanza enables you to align with your inner values and desires:

The Biodanza group setting can become a space where you evolve new ways of living and being aligned with your inner values and desires. Subsequently, the effects of stress and disconnection dissolve over time and progressively through the dances and exercises done in group classes. This enables an opening to an experiencing of deeper presence and connection with yourself and others, leading to increased well-being.

Biodanza improves your self confidence and your relationships:

After some time, your self-confidence strengthens as well as your capacity to relate to others with empathy, clarity, presence and depth. In the ongoing Biodanza process the group acts as a container, in which you can discover new and often healthier ways of to relate to others.

Expressive dance movement.

After a class, Biodanza gives you that feeling of joy and happiness, bliss, peace, love and laughter. And a deep breathing out feeling that makes you feel reenergized and ready to take life on again.

Biodanza has been proven to improve health and fosters a sense of wellbeing.

Over time, the expressive dance movement of Biodanza may cause a reduction in stress, anxiety, and worry. 

Biodanza offers the possibility for profound life-changing transpersonal experiences.

Practicing Biodanza expands awareness of humanity and our connectedness with all of humankind, as well as an increased sense of love and concern for humankind and our environment. Attending Biodanza opens up the doorway to discover pathways to see the world differently and to interact with it more consciously. It also enables us to look beyond ourselves and our humanity within the greater universe.

“Biodanza offers people what they most want and need: to love and feel loved, to create, to perceive
the sacred in nature, to enjoy the pleasure of life, experiencing it as a wonderful miracle. “
– Rolando Toro, the founder of Biodanza.

Biodanza reawakens us to the fullness of life.

The expressive dance movement of Biodanza can enrich us with moments of bliss, and instills within us the feeling of being a part of something meaningful – a life worth living in a global community of loving humans like.

Biodanza influences us on many different levels.

Attending Biodanza can harmonise and integrate our mind, body and soul, which can then result in profound personal growth and transformation. Over time, this practice will open up feelings of connection and reverence for life and nature.

Biodanza is a journey to physical & emotional wellbeing.

The Biodanza process is practised in over 60 countries, supported by scientific theory and research, and is guided by internationally accredited, trained facilitators.

So if you are ready for a sense of renewal and optimism,
join us to bring joy to your heart and put a smile on your face!



Biodanza is fun, contemporary and edutaining and the concept can be applied in many different situations.

The scope of application ranges from health and wellness programmes, social activism in community centres and youth outreach programmes to Biocentric education in schools, and Biocentric leadership and organisational transformation work

Social Action

With its focus on facilitating health & wellbeing, Biodanza has the potential to contribute to various communities in South Africa. Biodanza helps to develop our physical, emotional and mental health and wellness.

Here we showcase the possibilities of the work that can be done in support of wellbeing by featuring work that has been done by our facilitators in different community settings.


Biodanza has many different applications. We offer a wide range of activities and interventions that can stand alone or be added to your programme including:

Team building
Leadership development
Health & Wellness for groups
Events and special days