A candidate student needs to attend regular Biodanza classes with a qualified Biodanza facilitator. Thereafter they may apply to join the local school.

The training course is run through an approved School of Biodanza and consists of a three year programme as follows:

  • 28 weekend modules covering the theoretical and methodological aspects of the Biodanza system. During each weekend there are two lectures, two practical classes and a requirement for the student to prepare a reflective essay on the topic of the weekend
  • 8 Supervision classes once the weekend modules have been completed. These are overseen by a Didactic Teacher and include preparation and feedback time.
  • The presentation of a Monograph on a topic selected by the student is undertaken once the supervision classes are completed and all the requirements of the weekend modules met.
  • Once the presentation is accepted the IBF issues the new facilitator with a certificate which entitles the holder to offer Biodanza classes privately, in organisations and institutions, use the trademark of Biodanza for marketing purposes as long as the orthodoxy of the system is maintained and not diluted with other modalities or altered in format.

For more information contact the BDFSA to find out about your nearest School of Biodanza.