Dance freedom – or free dance – The structure of Biodanza

By Christos Daskalakos

“We are free but we are not free.”
A common mistake is to assume that totally unstructured free dance will elicit feelings of freedom and self expression.  Actually given the opportunity to dance freely participants in a class will usually resort back to their patterns of movement governed by habits of behaviour.  ‘Free dance’ in this context refers to dancing where there is no discernible structure – usually any movement, at any time to any music.  Biodanza on the other hand while having a structure encourages dance freedom by challenging the very movement patterns that keep us locked into our habitual way of being.

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Group dancing improves health – A gift of Biodanza classes

by Christos Daskalakos
“When the music changes so does the dance” – African proverb

Group dancing has been part of humanity from time immemorial. Gathering round the fire the clan united, sang, danced in rituals of healing and worship.  Through group dancing we expressed our identity as the clan, we expressed our understanding of the cosmos and we expressed our relationship to each other, the world and universe.  For perverse reasons we have lost this opportunity except in organised groups.
It is natural for us to dance and as humans we are naturally susceptible to music – when we hear a good beat it makes us want to dance.  Although music has an emotional content it is that primal beat that gets us in the core of our being.

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Biodanza – Rest in the embodied experience

By Gabriel Mizan

A few days ago I received a phone call from a friend: would you like to come and watch a beautiful show with me this evening?
I responded: so sorry dear friend, I’m really, really tired this evening, barely got 4 hours of sleep last night, I had a tough day at work and nothing seems to be going right! I’m feeling stressed, depleted and exhausted… All I can do right now is just dance!
Over the past ten years of doing Biodanza I have been observing this phenomenon time and again: before the class feeling physically and emotionally drained and ending in a state of vitality, exuberating with joy and elation. How does this amazing transformation happen?

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Biodanza – a source of growth and expansion in later years

By Jackie Said
From the first minute of my Biodanza experience, I knew that this was where I belonged. That minute happened on January 14th 2009 (I think), it was my 62nd birthday in Bev Dallas-Orr’s beginner class. It has been my lifeline, my holiday from life, my source of pleasure, growth and expansion. It took me much time, two schools to reach my monograph presentation on August 4th 2017, where I finally became a Biodanza facilitator.

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A natural high for better health

by Annelize Becht

\Biodanza creates a natural high that can result in life changing health and well being.
Mark (not his real name) started dancing with me in Kalk Bay about a year ago. He is a cancer survivor who is still currently undergoing treatment. He was referred to me by his doctor, who knew about Biodanza and said it should help create better health and well being. I could see Mark was a bit skeptical and unsure initially, but he was committed and he kept coming back. Over time he warmed up to it more and more and today he is one of the most dedicated dancers and a real joy to have in the class. I feel that if I helped him, even in a small way, then this makes it all worthwhile for me. Below is a testimonial I received from Mark.

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