By Christos Daskalakos
“We can define the feeling of love as the supreme experience of contact with LIFE.”-Rolando Toro Araneda

Human love unleashed is radical.  The greatest threat to the current world order is that we follow the path of love not hate.  Unfortunately our societies have been really good at alienating us from each other.  The first step is to heal relationships between each other and then slowly spread out into the world with the message that we are all connected.  Biodanza does this with dances that gradually and powerfully re-educate the heart allowing us to access affective connections.
Biodanza is radical – it was radical when it was created in the 1960’s and it has endured over the years and is still radical today.  Whereas many may think that being an anarchist is to throw petrol bombs at the establishment – being an anarchist is looking into the eyes of another person and acknowledging them as a fellow human being.  That form of anarchy is much more powerful and more of a threat to the establishment because when we connect as human beings and allow the common bonds of affectivity to grow between us – can we then go to war, can we then compete and revel in the destruction of the other?

Sometimes when I invite people to come and dance their first question is “will I have to dance with other people?”  And even more fearful is the prospect that they may have to look at each other.  That is the sadness of where humanity has fallen – separated from each other and ultimately the price we pay is separation from ourselves.  Biodanza is always done in a group setting which encourages us to relearn how to connect with our own feelings, to acknowledge and communicate with each other and take part in dances that unify and encourage healthy relationships.  For many, a personal challenge but if we want to create a different world we need to start somewhere.  And somewhere is that place where our feet gently start to connect with the rhythms and pulsations of the Dances of Life.