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Reconnect with your inner self

Connect with your inner self

Biodanza can help you reconnect with your inner self.

To find a class that’s best for you, check out our list of facilitators. Our facilitators train in Biodanza’s methods. And some specialise in sub-disciplines of Biodanza such as Aqua Biodanza and Biodanza in nature.

Biodanza’s facilitators bring passion and joy to each and every class, and are dedicated to helping every participant in their journey to self connection, self discovery and self acceptance.


Reconnect with others & yourself

Biodanza has been proven to assist in relieving stress and lowering anxiety. Additionally, the open and accepting space allows for reconnection to others and reconnect with yourself. Biodanza is for every person on every phase of their journey to inner healing.

Our sessions aim to create stronger connections between people as well as strengthen the bond with our inner self. 

Biodanza as basis for connection

Connection to nature, the cosmos and each other

Some of the benefits of Biodanza include rediscovering the joy of being alive and a zest for life, to proven health & psychological benefits. The love and openness experienced during Biodanza’s sessions can be incredibly moving, creating space for growth.

Perhaps most importantly, an experience of connection to nature and the cosmos, and to each other.

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Reconnect with your inner self with Biodanza

So if you and your team are ready for a sense of renewal and optimism, join us to bring joy to your heart and put smiles on your faces!