Our events & workshops will bring back your vitality and make you feel alive again.

Biodanza extensions are based on universal knowledge that aims to conserve and evolve life. The Biodanza extensions draws upon the psychology of the archetypes. As well as creative techniques to expand consiousness and awareness.

The various Biodanza extensions and the facilitators that specialise in them are often able to offer a deeper journey.


Get back your vitality with Aqua Biodanza. Aqua Biodanza is a specific extension of Biodanza. In Aqua Biodanza we use a slightly different structure and set of movements. Aqua Biodanza movements are specifically designed to evoke the vivencia. Creator of Biodanza, Ronaldo Toro Araneda, has defined this as ‘Regression to the Origin’ or ‘Regression to the Primordial’.

Therefore, these vivencias are designed to induce a state of trance in the water. Creating the expansion of consciousness that follows from there.


Feel alive again with The Minotaur Project, a therapeutic application of Biodanza. It is based on the study of the Existential Labyrinth and of the ‘Tree of Fears’.

The labyrinth is an archetypal metaphor that represents our existence, full of enigmas and doubts. The ‘tree of fears’ reveals the situations that, in our life, create fear. For example; the fear of walking through life, fear of being left behind, and so on.

In summary, the design of The Minotaur Project is aimed at strengthening one’s identity. It does this via letting one face situations of crisis through dance and ceremonies that result in existential illumination.


The idea of the tree of life is the basis for Biodanza’s Tree of Desire extension. Herein desires are viewed as complex impulses originating from the instincts. The memory of pleasure intensifies the desire whilst fear hinders the realization of the desire. In turn, our desires influence and organize our behaviour. Our motivations are based on the interplay between desire and fear. Dancing our desires that cause us to experience abundance and that which feels generative increases the permanence of a desire and therefore influences the organization of our existence in line with this desire. Biodanza can give you a new zest for life.

“Knowing what we want in life is part of our identity, we become our desire” – Rolando Toro


We all come from and we are all part of Nature. However, the busy lives most of us lead these days, full of an endless bombardment of stimulation draws us away from nature. These distractions may take the form of information, electronic devices, work and other stimuli. This busyness can lead us to forget that we are part of the natural world. We are part of Nature.

The exercises used in Biodanza in Nature encourage us to open up our various senses. Thereafter, we are able to reconnect with the natural world around us by focusing on the experience of our most basic senses, namely see, hear, smell, taste and feel.

Classes vary. Some use music, others rely solely on the sweet sounds of Nature and the voices and percussion of the participants. Gardens and parks are ideal locations for Biodanza in Nature classes. Because these environments have plenty of natural elements for participants to interact with.

Entering into Nature as a group invites childlike play and curiosity, safety and support. As well as the opportunity to sink in, slow down, soften the boundaries, and come home to our original home. 

Without doubt, reconnecting with, resting in, restored by, and becoming one with the Natural World will get back your vitality and make you feel alive again.


Neo-shamanism extension is based on a return to the sacredness of life manifesting itself in our current time. This extension uses the language of the drum and dances of healing in its process, and invokes a recovery of life, love and connection with nature. In this way it draws on ancient wisdom.


The Four Elements extension promotes an integration of the four elements of earth, air, fire and water in relation to how an individual expresses each of these in life. The four elements extension helps an individual to find a more balanced identity by drawing from the elements as archetypal symbols that reflect expression of different parts of one’s identity. The extension makes use of movements and dances that resemble the four elements. 



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