Andrew Lindsay
~ Johannesburg



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Contact Number: 082 4943275

Andrew is a qualified Biodanza facilitator. He started dancing Biodanza in 2004 and trained as a facilitator finishing in 2009. From 2010 onwards he ran weekly classes in the Kensington area. He also worked at the local old age home giving them dance and movement every week for three years.

Andrew finds that Biodnaza helps enormously to develop a very strong team spirit and with inter personal relationships.Andrew trained as an artist majoring in painting in the 80’s. He worked extensively on mural projects throughout South Africa and Angola and Lesotho ,over the last 20 years have been doing mosaic and public art projects all around the city and other parts of the country. He has used Biodanza for the last 5 years in his projects to assist the participants in their own creative processes.

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