Annelize Becht
~ Cape Town

Although she has always loved dance, Annelize only discovered Biodanza in 2008. It was at this time that her love-affair with conscious dance and life really began. Biodanza had such a positive impact on her life that she decided to become a facilitator, so that she can share its power and gifts with others. The training is an intensive process which took her almost 5 years to complete.
The topic of her monograph was “Biodanza, a Natural High”. She has spent a large portion of her adult life trying to find ways of being naturally high on life – without resorting to destructive habits or the use of harmful substances. She has found that conscious dance, more specifically Biodanza, is one of the most powerful tools to assist her with achieving a natural high. Annelize derives a lot of joy from being able to experience this and share it with others.
She started giving weekly classes from 2014 and has also done dance/movement workshops for women, with horses as well as specialised classes such as leadership development and addiction recovery.
Annelize is passionate about conscious dance, and really believes in the power of Biodanza to transform lives and communities. She is eager to draw on her experience while exploring different opportunities for collaboration in a variety of applications of dance and movement.
She is an ardent lover of life, authenticity and truth. She loves spending time in nature, e.g. walking and hiking, bird and game watching, snorkeling in the ocean, quality time with loved ones. She also enjoys attending workshops related to personal growth or researching topics on self improvement. But truthfully, Biodanza pretty much dominates her life right now.

Annelizes give the following classes in Cape Town:

  • Open weekly class on Monday nights in Erin Hall, Rondebosch at 19h30
  • Open weekly class in the Kalk Bay Community Centre on Friday nights at 18h30
  • Deep bi-weekly class on Wednesday nights in the Kalk Bay Community Centre at 20h00

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Annelize's Recent Activity
A natural high for better health

by Annelize Becht

\Biodanza creates a natural high that can result in life changing health and well being.
Mark (not his real name) started dancing with me in Kalk Bay about a year ago. He is a cancer survivor who is still currently undergoing treatment. He was referred to me by his doctor, who knew about Biodanza and said it should help create better health and well being. I could see Mark was a bit skeptical and unsure initially, but he was committed and he kept coming back. Over time he warmed up to it more and more and today he is one of the most dedicated dancers and a real joy to have in the class. I feel that if I helped him, even in a small way, then this makes it all worthwhile for me. Below is a testimonial I received from Mark.

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