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Since as early as I can remember my older sister would tell me how I should speak to and act if I were to win the hearts of girls – be nice, do it this way…….and so on. I took notice of what she said – though it wasn’t enough – it was a start. And then I found my own way, through connection with the land, nature and my own life’s experiences – never loosing my sensitivity to the interconnectedness of life – that my sister alluded to in her advice to me.
It took many years to combine my intense analytical ability, which I thoroughly enjoyed as a means to learn about the nature of things in everyday living, with an ability to recognize that I was indeed a living, breathing, feeling human being – who loved music and more recently realized through exposure to Biodanza – who loved the opportunity to move to that music, to dance in diverse ways, to experiment and learn about my own identity and how I interacted with others – I felt like I was being rehabilitated from a life of confusion and despair into a world of clarity of purpose and action.
Biodanza is not just an hour or two of dance for me, it is a way of living; of movement bringing together my feelings, thoughts and ideas with my body – a body released to serve its natural purpose – to interact and communicate with the world around me – from the world within me
Now as a facilitator I have the pleasure to introduce to those who have never experienced Biodanza before the progressive stages of evolvement of the system, as well as taking those with more experience into realms of experience never before thought possible – in what becomes a wonderful form of personal development through the integration of body, mind and soul.

Arno gives the following classes:

  • An intermediate level class on the 1st Wednesday of the month in Winston Park
  • An open class on the 3rd Thursday of the month in Winston Park at 6.45 
  • An open class on hte 4th Thursday of the month in Durban Morningside or Durban North

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