Ian Goldman
~ Cape Town

Ian has been facilitating Biodanza since 2010. He has a passion for African music, and a creative use of music. He brings a deep and transcendant experience to his vivencias.
Ian is a qualified Biodanza facilitator and has been facilitating Biodanza classes for more than 6 years. He regularly facilitated the beginners class on a Thursday from January 2011 to December 2013 and also co-facilitated an intermediate class. He has a particular interest in special interest classes, eg on the Life of Nelson Mandela, a Celtic Midwinter etc and also in using African music.
He has also used Biodanza to assist in the organisation development process in an NGO he founded.
Ian has worked in a number of countries for NGOs, in the private sector and for government at local, provincial and national level. His passion is about learning for development, and bringing vision into reality. His current mandate is exciting and challenging, where he heads South Africa’s National Evaluation System, evaluating government programmes and policies, with the mandate to bring learning into government.

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