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Michelle brings passion and psychological insight to her facilitation of Biodanza. She has a vision that one day Biodanza will be a vehicle for reconciliation work in South Africa.

Michelle is a qualified Biodanza facilitator with an extra training in facilitating Biondaza with Children.
Michelle gives fortnightly classes in Knysna. She has plans for couple’s workshops and other once off workshops.

Michelle has presented 2 workshops for couples, facilitated Biodanza sessions for young girls and young women at the Home of Hope, facilitated Biodanza sessions for children and teenagers in holiday programmes with refugee children and teenagers at risk and facilitated several Biodanza sessions for a company of dancers based in Soweto. She has also integrated Biodanza into her long term work with groups of caregivers since 2010. She presented a Biodanza session to the Drama for Life conference at Wits University in 2010.

Michelle is a registered art therapist, a qualified life coach and a facilitator of group processes. She has some skills in Process Work (Process Oreineted Psychology) and has basic training in using music in therapeutic processes. Many years ago she used to work as a management consultant in corporate and government environments. She is also an artist who has had several solo exhibitions.

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Michelle's Recent Activity
Home of Hope

Home of Hope provides shelter and creates an opportunity for sustained physical, educational and holistic wellbeing for exploited girls in Kensington and Berea in Johannesburg.
Every Saturday morning the girls gather for experiential development activities.
During the last 8 years facilitators have been offering a Biodanza class, at least once a month, to these young women, ages ranging from around 8 to 18 years.

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