Verity Maud
~ Johannesburg

Verity has  been incorporating Biodanza in her personal transformation through creativity workshops for the last 5 years, with amazing results. She is passionate about the transformative power of Biodanza in a very needy world!
For the last two years, she has taken 20 young women from the Home of Hope on a 4 day retreat where they have practiced a lot of Biodanza.
2017 saw the start of her monthly class, which is becoming a weekly class in 2018.

She has co-facilitated workshops and classes at the Biodanza World Congress and the European Congress with Marcelo Toro and enjoyed the wonderful influence of the international facilitators. She has recently organized a conscious dance festival where Biodanza was exposed to the larger dance community.
I am an artist, art director, run my own interior design business and a series of transformational workshops called The Artery- connecting to your creative life force. I am a mother and also play a membership role in Afrikaburn and Burning Man Arts Festivals.

Verity gives the following class:

  • Regular open classes on Tuesdays at Craighall Sports Club, Johannesburg at 6.45pm

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