Virginie Charlier
~ Johannesburg

Virginie has been doing Biodanza for more than 18 years, and has facilitated weekly groups for the three levels of Biodanza – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, since 2007.
She currently offers a monthly (closed) class for advanced Biodanceros and Facilitators, a weekly open class, for beginners, and is pursuing various other initiatives to expand Biodanza into retirement villages and corporate wellness programmes.
She is a member of the BDFSA Council.
She is also part of a voluntary group of facilitators who offer free weekly taster classes at the Hoogland Health Hydro.
Amongst others, Virginie co-created “Bio-MKP” – Biodanza workshops for men having completed their “Mankind Project” initiatory courses; the aim of these Bio-MKP workshops was for initiates to deepen into this work, by having the felt-body opportunity to experience aspects of the 4 MKP primary archetypes (Warrior, Lover, Magician and King), through dance.

In 2015, Virginie began to more overtly combine her love of Biodanza and Archetypal therapy work, by creating her first “Bio-Arch” workshop. Since introducing this workshop in Reunion Island, she has now expanded this into a series of 6 “Bio-Arch” workshops, and is due to present her 7th one, in Reunion in Mar’19. These “Bio-Arch” workshops are inspired not only by Indian and Greek mythology, but also embrace the knowledge of Native American teachings, their Healers, as well as the wisdom of Shamans of various cultures.
As part of her dream, Virginie has also organized and facilitated various Biodanza Holidays, “Bio-Vac”, in Reunion Island (where French- and English-speaking Biodanceros have the pleasure to dance, meet ‘n mingle) and in South Africa, all combining Biodanza with bush, beach, swimming with Dolphins, in Mozambique.

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